Edmonton Police Station – some facts

Edmonton Police division is approximately 15kms south of Cairns and covers an area of 240 square kilometres. The division has a population of around 40,000 people.

Located on the corner of the Bruce Highway and Cattle Street, Edmonton police station is a 24 hourĀ  station overseen by Officer in Charge, Senior Sergeant Jason Smith.

Whiterock Police Beat falls in the Edmonton police division and community groups like Neighbourhood Watch are supported by Edmonton Police. Edmonton Police station has its own Criminal Investigation branch and several officers from the station volunteer their time as Adopt-a-Cops and Police Liaison Officers for Neighbourhood Watch groups.

PH: 40459 111

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  • Lance Laverty

    And a great bunch of gals and guys work out of this station..Many thanks for the times we have needed you..and for the work you do here in our Edmonton community..

  • Sergeant Cary Coolican

    Hi Lance, I’ve passed on your comments to Edmonton station and as its always nice to be complimented I suspect they will be chuffed. We are glad they’ve been able to help you out.


    Hi – just wanted to pass on our biggest thanks from me and my children. Edmonton Police Officers have been nothing but professional, caring and have gone out of their way to give us support and some comfort during a very trying period. Please pass on our special thanks to Officer Tennielle.

    • Sergeant Cary Coolican

      Thank you for the positive comments about our Edmonton Police Officers and in particular Senior Constable Luscombe. It is always good to receive positive feedback. Your message has been passed on and Cairns District Officer, Superintendent Connors is also very happy with the feedback. Thank you.

  • Lance Laverty

    Re Police remembrance day 2012.

    I think we often forget that these guys and gals are our home Peace Keeping soldiers.. These guys are in the front line every day but do we pay the same respect as we do our wonderful armed forces…I think not…As a father of a “copper” I dread the day that I hope will never come but I know that my son goes in harms way most days along with all his “mates” – girls AND boys.. to make sure that we are “OK”

    Be safe troops and we are thinking of you along with your passed comrades..

  • Sergeant Cary Coolican

    Thank you Mr Laverty for your kind words and unwavering support. As police officers we not only rely on our colleagues but also our families and friends and the communities we serve. This is the perfect time for police officers and the entire community to reflect on the sacrifices of our police services and honour and say ‘thank you’ to the dedicated men and women who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice and died whilst on duty. Thank you to those members of the community who paid tribute at the Candlelight Vigils, Marches and Church Services throughout the Cairns District.