Congratulations to our Dutton Park award recipients

South Brisbane District held its annual awards ceremony today with two of our members being recognised for their contributions.

Our hard working administration officer, Debra Brady was recognised for her tireless contribution of diligent and ethical service to the QPS over the past 10 years.

Constable Anthony Clacher was the recipient of the District Officers Certificate for displaying high levels of commitment and professionalism and to acknowledge his efforts and good work.

On November 7 2016 Constable Clacher along with other officers from West End Acting Sergeant Ahmed El-Mekawi, Senior Constable Nathaniel Jones and Constable Amy Stoneman responded to a distressed female screaming from a unit complex in Cordelia Street, South Brisbane.

Unable to gain access to the unit complex, these officers worked together disregarding their own safety scaled a building beside the address.

These officers proceeded to climbed over an eight foot fence onto a pallet of fertiliser which enabled them to jump onto shipping container which were over two stories in height.

They were then able to able to gain access to the roof of the unit complex. The officers observed a female person, who had visible injuries, being held down by a male person on the balcony of the unit block. These officers have jumped down from the roof area to the balcony to detain this male person and render assistance to the distressed female.

We are very proud to have Deb and Constable Anthony Clacher as part of our hard working team at Dutton Park.

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