Good news blog – Crime down

Folks, great news to share today with our recent snap shot of core crime in our area.  While we are very pleased with the results at the moment, we still have our neighbours and visitors impacted by criminal activity but this is definitely the direction that we aim for.  We have had 27 core offences in the last 28 days.  You might recall in the past we have been more than double that figure.  The current situation includes 6 Burglaries on homes (orange B), 6 vehicles stolen (Red V) and 9 cars broken into and property stolen (Yellow S). The blue B’s are premises.

What I am particularly pleased with is the response from the residents in East Brisbane where the crimes against homes with open front doors is virtually zero, well done East Brisbane!

I was recently asked a question, which I am often asked as to what is an acceptable level of crime for our area.  Its an easy answer, the acceptable level is zero, no crime, that’s what we aim for and you should expect no less but we cant do that without you helping us to help you.

Greg Bishop

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