He’s a bit big for Prep! …St Ita’s New Adopt-a-cop

Constable Josh Woodfield & Acting Principal Michael Morley at St Ita's

Hi folks, Constable Josh Woodfield from Dutton Park Police was formally adopted to St Ita’s School at Highgate Hill during the morning assembly. 

We were made very welcome by the school community and want to thank the Acting Principal Michael Morley for his very kind words and support. 

Constable Josh will become a regular visitor to the school to deliver presentations and lectures and participate in the school community.  Senior Sergeant Greg Bishop and our Crime Prevention Officer, Senior Constable Sandy Trembath accompanied Josh to the morning events.

We were treated to performances and presentations which ended with a stirring rendition of the National Anthem, well done, we really enjoyed the visit.

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  • St Itas Mum

    Congratulations & welcome, Constable Josh! My son was absolutely thrilled to see you (& the police car!) today. The police service are doing a marvellous job in the local will become a valued member of our school community.

  • Tony

    Our 2 boys go to St Ita’s. We fully support your involvement with this school and look forward to hearing our kids speak about “their Officer”. Great job, Josh.