When dogs fly


Senior Constable Chad Christie and Police Dog Luger (Moreton Dog Squad), Senior Constable Jeff Brandt and Police Dog Sacco (Brisbane Dog Squad), Senior Constable Steve Lindsay and Police Dog Leo (Ipswich Dog Squad), Senior Constable Aaron Hamrey and Police Dog Viper (Gold Coast Dog Squad). Photos by Rescue 500 Brisbane.

QGAir Helicopter Rescue Brisbane conducted training last week with QPS dog handlers and their dogs as part of their training program to familiarise the teams to be moved by air for tasks.

The familiarisation training gets the dogs accustomed to the noises and movement of the aircraft.

It was a great morning training with the Rescue 500 helicopter. All four dogs (Luger, Sacco, Leo and Viper) were proficient in their training.

General purpose dog teams routinely conduct training with partners to ensure our teams can respond and deploy from a variety of aircraft and vessels, when the time comes.

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