Toowoomba Police and Social Enterprise presentation

Toowoomba Police are participating in an exciting Social Enterprise Presentation on Tuesday May 23 at the Empire Theatre Church.

The event is an exploration of two community driven social enterprise events, the Orange Sky Laundry and our local Vanguard Laundry. Both of these enterprises were developed when people with vision saw a need to assist people in need and the ‘social enterprise’ model gave them community buy in and a level of participant ownership that may not exist in commercial enterprises.

The Vanguard Laundry is a local collaboration headed by the Clubhouse with partners including the federal Government chipping in. Clubhouse executive director Luke Terry believes a social enterprise business model is healthy for staff and the wider community.

“We’ve had people who have been through the government programs who are still looking for work,” Mr. Terry said.

“This gives them the chance to get something on their resume and then move into something else, and then free up a space for someone else.”

Mr Terry said profits from the laundry would go back into providing other opportunities for more people. (Quotes thanks to ABC Radio).

Superintendent Mark Kelly of the Darling Downs Police district is a participant and advocate of the ‘Leadership Alliance’ which is bringing people together to look at alternative solutions for local problems.

The Alliance are facilitating this event with the hope they will encourage locals to connect and consider social enterprise models for challenges such as disengaged youth and homelessness.

“The models being used by Orange Sky and Vanguard show that committed people working together can achieve sustainable and healthy results,” Superintendent Kelly said.

“This event is a great opportunity to learn from two successful exercises.”

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