Bravery awards for Inala Tactical Crime Officers

Two Police officers from the Inala Tactical Crime Squad were recognised for acts of Bravery by the Governor of Queensland with a ceremony held at Government House on Tuesday.

Sergeant Ian Grafton was awarded a Group Bravery Citation for his role in rescuing three adults and five Autistic children from a van which had become stranded in flood waters at Kallangur in May 2015. Sergeant Grafton, his work partner and two other members of the community waded into flood waters and rescued the occupants through the rear window of the van and took them to safety away from the flood waters.

Senior Constable Gilbert Van Dongen was awarded a Commendation for Bravery and a Group Bravery Citation. Senior Constable Van Dongen was on his was to work in May 2015 when he noticed a house on fire and went to the aid of neighbours and the occupants of the house. Senior Constable Vand Dongen with the assistance of members of the community entered the burning house but were forced back by the smoke. Upon observing an occupant trapped inside the house, a bedroom window and security grill was forced open and the occupant was rescued through the window.

The Officer in Charge of the Inala Tactical Crime Squad Acting Senior Sergeant Malcolm Stebbings said both officers had demonstrated their willingness to serve the community when it needed it most, whilst putting aside concerns for their own safety.

Those members of the community that assisted both officers also received Bravery awards from the Governor of Queensland.

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