Myth Busters – kids as pillion passengers

Myth Busters Photo“There is no age restriction for children riding as passengers on a motorcycle.”


Children must be at least eight years old and their feet must be able to reach the passenger footrests while seated. Failure to observe to this rule will result in $157 fine.

Additional rules that apply to any passenger on a motorcycle include –

  • must not ride on the motorcycle unless the motorcycle has a suitable pillion seat and suitable passenger footrests
  • must be seated safely on the pillion seat or in the sidecar
  • must be astride the pillion seat and face forwards
  • must wear an approved motorcycle helmet securely fastened
  • must not interfere with the driver’s effective control of the motorcycle
  • must not carry more passengers in the motorcycle’s sidecar than the sidecar was designed to carry.

Before you carry a pillion passenger you must have held your motorcycle licence for at least 12 months. Learner riders cannot carry pillion passengers even if under instruction.

Thank you to last week’s reader that asked for information on this topic and also whether a child could ride as a pillion passenger on the motorway. There is no restriction of these road rules to any particular roads. So while legally they are allowed to (as long as the above rules are followed), for safety’s sake, is this really a good choice for your child?

Another Myth Busted thanks to Bundaberg Road Policing Unit

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