On the second post of Christmas…….. tips to stay safe online

This week is Stay Smart Online Week and as we continue our “12 posts of Christmas”, the  Financial and Cyber Crime Group would like to share tips on how to safely shop online.

We all want to bag a bargain and love the convenience of online shopping, but on the internet not all that glitters is gold and in the world of online shopping, not all sites are created equal.

It can already be a stressful time to shop (hunting down the exact Lego Ninjago sold out in all the stores rather than the regular Lego that at the end of the day is just the same pile of bricks only a little fancier) and often we are doing it in a rush.

It is important to take some extra steps protect yourself this Christmas when shopping online.

  • If you come across a website with an offer that sounds too good to be true, it most probably is. Why would someone sell a $700 mobile phone for only $200?


  • Shop only with reputable merchants, preferably ones you’ve used before and remember, these days it’s easy for a scammer to create a professional looking website. Check the web address for long and or hyphenated names with numbers, it may appear legitimate to start with, but the extra characters or numbers at the end are a sign it is a fake (e.g,


  • Only pay via secure payment methods – look for a web address starting with https://’ and a closed padlock symbol. Don’t use untraceable methods like direct bank transfer or deposit, money orders or wire services.


  • Put the name of the website through a search engine and look for reviews – add the keyword “scam” to your search.


  • If you suspect you’re the victim of credit card fraud or if the product doesn’t arrive, it’s important to contact your bank immediately.


This Christmas RU in Control of your shopping dollars?

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