R U in control this Christmas?

Don’t be alarmed with us bringing up the subject of Christmas…..While we know it is still a little while away, there are some truly organised people out there who have already started their Christmas shopping.

The lead up to Christmas is a notoriously popular time for fraudsters and scammers to prey on unsuspecting victims. For this reason, we are taking time over the next 12 weeks to provide you some hints and tips on how you can stay safe and avoid being “scrooged”, scammed or defrauded.

The “12 posts of Christmas” are our gifts to you from the Financial and Cyber Crime Group, providing you awareness over the holiday season and making sure everyone has a merry and scam free Christmas.

Visit us every Friday to receive a new gift of knowledge that will help keep you in control this festive season. In the meantime here’s our favourite Christmas joke:

What do you get if you cross Santa with a detective?
Santa Clues!

Don’t get scammed this Christmas!


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