Winners of the 2017 Suncorp QPS scholarship announced

Commissioner Stewart was joined by Chief Risk Officer Fiona Thompson to congratulate Inspector Peter Brewer and Acting Sergeant Caulfield

Commissioner Ian Stewart joined Suncorp Chief Risk Officer Fiona Thompson to announce the recipients of the 2017 Suncorp Police Scholarship today.

The Suncorp Scholarship provides leaders and managers within the Queensland Police Service the opportunity, by way of a financial grant of up to $20,000 and work time, to undertake leadership development, research and studies which benefit both police and the Queensland community.

The scholarship has been provided annually since 2013 and is designed to help emerging leaders within the QPS further develop their skills and knowledge in the areas of crime prevention, road safety or disaster preparedness, management or recovery.

This year’s winners of the Suncorp Scholarship are Detective Inspector Peter Brewer and Acting Detective Sergeant Dale Caulfield, of the Financial and Cyber Crime Group.

The officers submitted a joint application to research how the investigation and prosecution of major financial crime could be completed more efficiently and effectively.

Financial crime, cyber fraud and identity theft has had a devastating impact on the Queensland community with a 2015 Commission of Inquiry finding financial fraud was at epidemic levels.

Commissioner Stewart congratulated the officers on receiving the reward and said their submission promised to make a huge difference in the way major financial fraud is combated.

“Financial crime has an insidious and wide-reaching impact on our community and that’s why the research by these officers is vital,” Commissioner Stewart said.

Commissioner Stewart announced both officers would embark on a study tour to the New Zealand Serious Fraud Office in Auckland, the Los Angeles Security Exchange, and the Serious Fraud Office in London.

“Inspector Brewer and Acting Sergeant Caulfield will now travel overseas to develop a greater understanding of how to combat serious financial crime and to provide ideas and momentum to new investigative approaches and disruption strategies,” Commissioner Stewart said.

“I look forward to hearing from these officers on how the investigation and prosecution of fraud can be completed more efficiently and effectively.”

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