‘My Story’ – a video of hardship and determination in the Normanton community

‘My Story’ saw a group of five community members share their story of hardship and determination to overcome their personal difficulties, as well as share their messages to empower and inspire others.

The ‘My Story’ project is part of a broader strategy for Mount Isa Police District to address attitudes and beliefs about the drug ICE. The project was requested by community members from the Normanton community, who wanted to share their story and their lessons with others.

In November 2016, a team of officers, Constable Tom Ayling, Senior Constable Phil Newton, and me, Sergeant Cath Purcell, pitched-in to record the footage and create a draft production. The team were selected for the task due to their previous achievements in proactive community projects, and the desire to make a difference for the lives of others.

Why would someone share their story about drugs and alcohol with police?

Asking people to open up to police and talk about drugs and alcohol and having them agree was always going to be a challenge, however those featured in ‘My Story’ wanted police to know about their experiences and how it affected them. The officers were honoured to be a special guest in their lives, and asked questions to help them tell their story.

What happened?

Those featured in the video were asked to tell their story and how drugs and/or alcohol impacted their life. Each of them were able to recall a turning point that caused them to turn to drugs and alcohol. They told their story about why they chose to quit, and gave a powerful and unique message to others to stay away from drug and alcohol dependence.

How can I help?

You can help by sharing their video on social media and talking with your community about it. Mount Isa Police and Normanton community encourage other individuals and communities to get involved in sharing their story. Please contact Mount Isa Police or leave a message if you or your community would like to get involved in the ‘My Story’ project.

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