Queen’s Birthday honours awarded to five QPS officers

Today it was announced that five officers were awarded the Australian Police Medal (APM) for their distinguished service to the community.

The recipients of the awards are Sergeant Narelle Collins (Townsville Fingerprints, Operations Support Command), Inspector Sharee Cumming (Darling Downs District, Southern Region), Inspector Robert McCall (Organisational Wellbeing Manager, Organisational Capability Command), Senior Sergeant Bradyn Murphy (Gold Coast Division, Road Policing Command) and Inspector Virginia Nelson (Capricornia District, Central Region).

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart praised the individual officers for their dedication to the service, their fellow officers and to the community.

“They have all demonstrated the leadership abilities and high standards that we expect from our Service,” Commissioner Stewart said.

“Officers such as these inspire and encourage those around them to strive to attain similar standards of professionalism and are excellent role models to those joining the service.

“These officers come from a wide range of policing backgrounds and have significant knowledge in their respective fields that greatly benefits the service that police provide to the community.

“I would like to personally thank these officers on behalf of the Queensland Police Service and wish them all the best for their future careers.”

Sergeant Narelle Collins

Sergeant Narelle Collins has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment during her career with the Queensland Police Service. Sergeant Collins is recognised for her leadership abilities, professionalism and hard work in the field of forensic science. Her degree of motivation and dedication can only be described as infectious.

Sergeant Collins performed various duties within the QPS before commencing duty in the Forensic and Technical Services Branch (Fingerprint Bureau) in 1998. It was here that Sergeant Collins demonstrated her skills in forensic fingerprint examination techniques. In 2003, Sergeant Collins attained the status of Fingerprint expert in the Queensland Police Service.

In 2014, Sergeant Collins commenced a critical role within the QPS as a regional Fingerprint Expert in Townsville District. Regional work in Townsville has allowed Sergeant Collins to develop into a tenacious examiner of crime scenes achieving outstanding results. She has also earned the respect of her peers with her passion and enthusiasm in the field of forensic science.

Sergeant Collins is a highly competent and dedicated officer who has displayed a continued commitment to her duty and the community as a forensic officer within the QPS.

Inspector Sharee Cumming

Inspector Sharee Cumming has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment during her career with the QPS.  She is recognised for her leadership and excellence in organisational improvement, change management, and mentoring of fellow officers, particularly females. She has displayed commitment, skill and excellence in developing and contributing to innovative programs to improve the working environment for women in the QPS.  These programs include SWIRL (Supporting Women in Rural Locations) and the Senior Women’s Collective.

Inspector Cumming has served with distinction in a range of police appointments during her career.  She has served throughout Queensland in various roles and more recently her professionalism, expertise, organisational skills and leadership were recognised and resulted in her appointed to projects including Westgate, QPS Renewal, QP150, G20 and the FBINAA Conference.  These have earned her the respect of her peers and the support of her subordinates.

Inspector Cumming is acknowledged as a leader who can implement change and is seen as a role model for many officers within the Service. Her leadership abilities and professionalism are qualities that reflect the high standards which are expected of an officer of the QPS.

Inspector Robert McCall

Inspector Robert McCall is acknowledged for his commitment to the Queensland Police Service and Queensland Public Service values, evidenced particularly by his actions and efforts in support of other members.  He is recognised for his longstanding dedication to the welfare, peer support and professional development of officers and staff members. He is a capable and respected leader.

Inspector McCall has served with distinction in a range of police appointments. During his tenure at State Traffic Support Branch he was instrumental in the negotiation and implementation of a number of complex road safety initiatives. These achievements, alongside his adept management of day to day operations, earned him the respect of his superiors, his peers and the support and regard of those he managed.

More recently in 2015, Inspector McCall was appointed to the role of Organisational Wellbeing Manager before moving the following year to his current substantive position of Manager, Operational Improvement Unit.

In addition to his usual duties, Inspector McCall has been actively involved in supporting QPS personnel through his long-term voluntary involvement in various QPS clubs and associations, including being the President of the QPS Health and Recreation Association, President of the QPS Christian Fellowship and Committee Member of the QPS Commissioned Officers’ Mess.

The welfare and professional development of others are two recurring themes in Inspector McCall’s distinguished 35 year career. He is highly regarded by those he works with and possesses all of the attributes expected of an officer of the QPS.

Senior Sergeant Bradyn Murphy

Senior Sergeant Bradyn Murphy has consistently demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment during his career with the Queensland Police Service. He has a distinguished uniformed policing career culminating in his current position as Officer in Charge Gold Coast Road Policing Unit.

Senior Sergeant Murphy is highly proficient in all aspects of uniformed policing however it is his commitment to road safety and departmental motorcycle training in which he has excelled. In these areas he is recognised for his leadership, building internal and external relationships, policy development and standards improvement.

Through his dedication to duty and commitment, Senior Sergeant Murphy contributes directly to the Government’s goal of reducing road trauma. His abilities model the high standards expected of the QPS are highlighted by the stead in which he is widely held.

Senior Sergeant Murphy has also served with honour on a national stage as the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson for the National Police Federation Wall to Wall Ride Committee. The Wall to Wall: Ride for Remembrance, which is held annually, remembers and honours those police officers who have fallen in the line of duty and promotes safe and lawful motorcycling while raising awareness and money for Police Legacies. In this role he has demonstrated high levels of leadership, community engagement and humility.

Inspector Virginia Nelson

Inspector Virginia Nelson is recognised for her leadership abilities and professionalism displayed over the past 26 years, in particular her mentoring and development of programs for women in the QPS whilst stationed at Rockhampton in the Central Region.

Inspector Nelson has served the community of Queensland in a range of appointments during her career with her skills as a prosecutor and her role in the State Coroner’s Office earning her the respect of her peers and the support of the community.

Inspector Nelson is acknowledged for her service and commitment to women in the Queensland Police Service, having been recognised at the Australasian Council of Women and Policing Awards (ACWAP) with their highest honour when she was awarded the Bev Lawson Memorial Award for her development, implementation and delivery of multiple first programs for women, including mentoring and development of programs for emerging women leaders at all ranks.  She was also awarded the prestigious National Public Sector and Academia Award at the 2016 Telstra Business Women’s Awards for her contribution to significantly developing the capability of women in policing and growing women in leadership within the Queensland Police Service.

Inspector Nelson is acknowledged as a champion for women in policing and has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment during her career with the Queensland Police Service.

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