Six of the Service’s finest nationally recognised

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services Mark Ryan and Commissioner Ian Stewart today welcomed the announcement of six Queensland Police Service (QPS) officers who are to receive the Australian Police Medal (APM); a national honour in recognition of their distinguished service.

The QPS APM recipients share a vast and diverse career history between them, having served throughout Queensland in a number of roles.

The recipients, Superintendent Amanda Brownhill, Sergeant Paula Byrne, Inspector Peter Flanders, Detective Inspector Christopher Jory, Inspector Trevor Kidd and Superintendent Michelle Stenner, will be presented with their medals at an upcoming ceremony.

Commissioner Stewart acknowledged the dedication of each of the APM recipients.

“The Australian Police Medal is a fitting acknowledgment of each recipient’s outstanding contribution and commitment to serving the Queensland community,” Commissioner Stewart said.

“Their leadership abilities and professionalism are qualities that reflect the high standards which are expected of an officer of the Queensland Police Service.

“I would like to congratulate and give my own personal thanks to each of the officers and also recognise them on behalf of the Service.”

Superintendent Amanda Jane Brownhill
Legal Division

Superintendent Brownhill has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment during her career with the QPS.

She has served with distinction in a range of police appointments, including her current role as a Commander within the Prosecution Services. Her professionalism, expertise and leadership has been demonstrated in a diverse number of areas including operational policing functions and specialist legal roles.

Her excellent communication and negotiation skills have earned her the respect of a range of stakeholders across Government, the private sector, and her peers. Her commitment to ongoing education, training and the development of police officers is similarly significant and she has mentored a number of officers and continues to take an active interest in the welfare of her fellow officers.

              Sergeant Paula Anne Byrne
People Capability Command

Sergeant Byrne has held her position at the Mareeba Education and Training Office since January 2003. During this time she has displayed exemplary leadership, management, empathy and acknowledgment of QPS goals and expectations.

Her delivery of training material is creative and highlights her charismatic approach to theoretical explanations. She manages all the required aspects of training of QPS officers and staff members attached to the Tablelands Patrol Group, including the First Year Constables program.

Sergeant Byrne’s willingness to assist other training units has been acknowledged beyond the Northern Region with solutions to local, regional and state-wide issues resolved. She provides an emotional link, importance, and sense of purpose to those she trains. She continues to be the voice for many and stands up for what is right or deserved. Her accomplished relationships echo valuable networks and the respect from peers and the wider community.

         Inspector Peter Michael Flanders
Road Policing Command

Inspector Flanders has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment during his career within the QPS. He has a distinguished uniformed policing career which has culminated in his present position as Operations Manager, Road Policing Command.

He is proficient in all aspects of uniform policing, however it is his contribution to road policing and, in particular, motor cycle policing and safety that he has excelled. In this area he is recognised for his contribution, leadership and excellence in organisational improvement, policy development and change management through the development and implementation of an enhanced motor cycle capability within the QPS that delivers road safety benefits.

Inspector Flanders’ professionalism, expertise and leadership have earned the respect of his peers and the support of his subordinates

Detective Inspector Christopher Glenn Jory
Brisbane Region

Detective Inspector Jory is recognised for his outstanding dedication and commitment within the QPS during his 32 year policing career. He is highly regarded for his leadership and excellence in organisational improvement, change management and operational planning, particularly as they apply to the field of criminal investigations. He has displayed commitment, skill and excellence in developing and fostering innovation in policing practice.

As a senior officer in the State Crime Operations Command, Child Safety and Sexual Crimes Group, he led the development and implementation of improved practices in the QPS, and with partner child protection agencies. His commitment and dedication to child protection enhanced service delivery to children who had been harmed, or who were at risk of harm, throughout Queensland. He demonstrated outstanding leadership of child protection investigators, promoting a culture of continuous improvement which resulted in improved prevention, assessment, investigation and prosecution of child harm.

   Inspector Trevor William Kidd
Northern Region

Inspector Kidd has demonstrated outstanding dedication, professionalism and integrity during a policing career of more than 40 years with the QPS. His commitment to the community is clearly evident in his leadership and development of officers serving in rural, remote and isolated locations.

He is renowned for his ability to lead and manage the police and community response to major incidents, investigations and events and he has been instrumental in ensuring the safety of the community during times of natural disaster, and the safe recovery of countless missing persons in remote areas.

In addition to his management of major policing operations he has provided outstanding leadership to remote and isolated communities, including the communities of Doomadgee and Mornington Island. His honest, genuine, and sincere approach has earned him the respect of elders and community leaders which has resulted in building partnerships and strengthening the relationships in these communities.

Superintendent Michelle Francis Stenner
South Eastern Region

Superintendent Stenner has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment during her career with the QPS. She is recognised for her leadership and excellence in organisational improvement, change management, and operational planning.

She has displayed commitment, skill and excellence in developing and fostering innovation in policing practice and has served with distinction in a range of police appointments during her career. Her professionalism, expertise and leadership in the roles of Acting District Officer, Superintendent Crime and Support Services, and Patrol Group Inspector have earned the respect of her peers and the support of her subordinates.

Additionally she is recognised for her commitment to change management during the organisational restructure of the QPS and her contribution to the development of policy, procedures and red tape reduction post the restructure.

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