Induction ceremony sees 40 recruits sworn in to Service


The Queensland Police Service (QPS) Academy Oxley campus saw 40 recruits graduate yesterday afternoon in a ceremony attended by Commissioner Ian Stewart.

Graduating as First Year Constables (FYC), they have completed 25 weeks of intensive training. The Recruit Training program aims to provide recruits with a quality foundation so that they can provide excellent service to the community and ensuring their policing skills have developed to a level necessary for operational policing as First Year Constables under supervision.

Commissioner Stewart congratulated the FYCs on their graduation and announced that they would commence their careers in the Brisbane, Central, South Eastern and Southern regions.

“These allocations are based on the resources, needs and requirements of the Service. We have allocated eight First Year Constables to the Brisbane Region, 14 to the Central Region, eight to South Eastern Region and 10 to the Southern Region,” Commissioner Stewart said.

Among the FYCs were FYC Georgia Smith, who got to share a very special moment with her father, Acting Inspector Smith, as he officially signed her in to the QPS, and husband and wife FYCs Kris and Rebecca Smith, who were accepted into the Academy in the same intake and were sworn in together yesterday.

“I remember my induction ceremony well and I hope that this afternoon’s ceremony is a memory that each FYC carries with them throughout a long and successful career within the QPS,” Commissioner Stewart said.

“The role of a police officer is like no other – responsible for the safety and security of Queensland. There is no doubt that each of these new officers will experience some challenging situations, however there will also be many rewarding and humbling times.

“I wish luck to every officer in their career and feel confident that they will uphold the QPS standards of excellence and service,” Commissioner Stewart said.

You can view the induction ceremony here.

Congratulations to all the award receipients

Congratulations to all the award receipients

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