QPS officers awarded Australian Bravery Decorations

Seven Queensland Police Service (QPS) officers have today been announced to receive Australian Bravery Medals, along with a Group Bravery Citation, approved by the Governor-General, His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove.

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart expressed his congratulations and sincere gratitude for outstanding acts of bravery within the Service.

“It is important to congratulate and thank the officers for their significant contribution they have made to not only the Service, but the community in which we serve,” Commissioner Stewart said.

“The Service is extremely fortunate to have officers who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to assist those in need.”

For over 40 years Australians have been recognised through the Australian Honours System and today’s recipients join the company of 40,000 recipients of Australian honours whose actions have enhanced our community and nation.

“Today’s award recipients are role models who display bravery and provide inspiration. We are a resilient, safer nation due to their efforts,” Commissioner Stewart said.

The Following QPS officers received Bravery Medals for acts of bravery in hazardous circumstances.

Mr Michael Curran and Ms Lisa Morrow each received a Bravery Medal for their actions on July 27, 1990. Then Constable Curran and Constable Morrow pursued and detained armed bank robbers at Salisbury, Queensland. Eventually Constable Curran discharged his weapon and apprehended an offender, while Constable Morrow apprehended another offender until other police arrived on the scene. The stolen money was recovered.

Constable Guy Lalor was awarded a Bravery Medal for his involvement in the rescue of three people who were trapped inside an upturned vehicle at Brighton, Queensland on December 30, 2012. Constable Lalor cut the seatbelt of the man who was hanging upside down and helped him exit the car safely. Constable Lalor then moved further inside the confined opening, and with the assistance of another police officer, freed the remaining female passenger.

Senior Sergeant Jeffery Lansdown also received a Bravery Medal for the same incident involving three people trapped inside an upturned vehicle at Brighton on December 30, 2012. Senior Sergeant Lansdown instructed two police officers to undertake a range of safety and traffic management duties while he assisted the third officer with the extraction of the trapped passengers from the vehicle.

Together, Constable Lalor and Senior Sergeant Lansdown displayed considerable bravery.

Mr David Mills received a Bravery Medal for his actions on July 8, 1991. Then Constable Mills apprehended an armed offender at Stones Corner, Queensland. Constable Mills drew his service revolver and ordered the man to drop his weapon. The offender repeated his threats to shoot and pointed his weapon at Constable Mills who was forced to fire his revolver. The offender was then arrested.

Sergeant Michael Prickett (then Constable) was awarded with a Bravery Medal for his actions on July 8, 1991. Constable Prickett and another police officer apprehended an armed offender at Stones Corner in Queensland. Constable Prickett witnessed an offender go to fire upon his colleague. Constable Prickett lunged at the man but was unable to stop him from discharging his weapon. Constable Prickett grabbed hold of the offender’s weapon and was successful in disarming the man.

Sergeant Conrad van Egmond received a Bravery Medal for his actions on October 1, 2001 when he disarmed an offender at Burpengary in Queensland. Senior Constable van Egmond tried negotiating with the man, before the offender pointed his shotgun at him. Senior Constable van Egmond reassured the offender that if he dropped the weapon he would not be in danger from the police. The offender then unloaded his weapon and gave it to Constable van Egmond. The offender was then arrested by other officers.

QPS officers were also awarded a Group Bravery Citation for a collective act of bravery, by a group of persons in extraordinary circumstances, that is considered worthy of recognition. Constable Guy Lalor, Senior Sergeant Jeffery Lansdown, Senior Constable Russell Mounfield and Senior Constable Kim Wilson received this citation. These QPS officers attended the rescue of three people trapped inside an upturned vehicle at Brighton, Queensland on December 30, 2012.

Since 1975 these awards have drawn national attention to the outstanding efforts made by individuals from across Australia.

For more information about Australian Bravery Awards visit the website.

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