Australian Police Medal awarded to Service’s finest

Commissioner Ian Stewart today welcomed the announcement of the six recipients of the Australian Police Medal (APM) from the QPS ranks who have been nationally honoured for their distinguished service.

The QPS APM recipients share a vast and diverse career history between them, having served over Queensland in a number of roles.

Acting Chief Superintendent Russell Miller, Northern Region; Superintendent Dale Pointon, Road Policing Command; Senior Sergeant Janelle Poole, Northern Region; Senior Sergeant Richard Trotter, Northern Region; Acting Senior Sergeant Elizabeth Burns-Hutchison, Southern Region; and Detective Sergeant Samantha Garrett, Brisbane Region will be presented their APM at an upcoming ceremony.

Russell Miller
Acting Chief
Superintendent Russell Miller
Northern Region

Acting Chief Superintendent Russell Miller joined the police in 1974 as a cadet, was sworn in as a Constable in May 1976 where he commenced service at Gympie Station. Since then, he has served with distinction in a range of police appointments state-wide throughout his career. He is recognised for his leadership and excellence in operational policing, organisational improvement and community engagement. Acting Chief Superintendent Miller is acknowledged for his leadership and unwavering commitment during the Brisbane flood event of 2011 where he played a key role in supporting the Local and District Disaster Management groups in Brisbane West District. He has displayed commitment, skill and excellence in operational policing and has sought to enhance service delivery based on policing priorities and community needs and expectations. His professionalism, expertise and leadership in the roles of District Officer and District Disaster Co-ordinator have earned the respect of his peers and the support of his subordinates, agency partners and members of the community.

Dale Pointon
Superintendent Dale Pointon
Road Policing Command

Superintendent Dale Pointon is recognised for his leadership and excellence in organisational improvement and change management within a policing content, most notably police prosecutions and legal services. His outstanding career in this field spanned 23 continuous years, rising from a trainee prosecutor to the chain of command responsible officer for Brisbane police prosecutions, operational legal advice and research and legislation development within the Service as Manager (Superintendent), Legal Services Branch. As Manager, Legal Services Branch he is recognised for his contribution, leadership and change management during the development and implementation of the Moynihan Reforms that resulted in significant changes to police and prosecution operating procedures. Superintendent Pointon is acknowledged as a highly skilled advocate and legal adviser providing high level strategic operational legal advice to Service senior executives and managing external stakeholder relationships at the executive level within the justice system.

Janelle Poole
Senior Sergeant Janelle Poole
Northern Region

Senior Sergeant Janelle Poole is recognised for her dedication and commitment to community policing and crime prevention duties throughout the Townsville Police District. Senior Sergeant Poole has served meritoriously in a range of policing appointments during her career and always with a strong focus on crime prevention and making the community safe. Senior Sergeant Poole is acknowledged for her service to the community in North Queensland through her dedication to a wide selection of community orientated policing initiatives. She was among the initial dedicated School Based Police Officers in Queensland, and was instrumental in the development of the Neighbourhood Watch and Volunteers in Policing programs in Townsville including the most recent launch of the inaugural Neighbourhood Watch on-line. In October 2007 she was appointed to her current role as Media Liaison/Crime Prevention Officer in Townsville at the level of Senior Sergeant. During 2014, Senior Sergeant Poole has been instrumental in the development of a Media Liaison Unit within the Townsville District Crime Prevention office promoting the QPS and its response to crime on a daily basis.

Richard Trotter
Senior Sergeant Richard Trotter
Northern Region

Senior Sergeant Richard Trotter is recognised for his dedication to General Duties policing, especially working in Queensland country areas and for his success and effectiveness in working in partnership with the community to achieve positive outcomes. Senior Sergeant Trotter has been instrumental in working with country communities to reduce violence and make them safer. He has strived to reduce road trauma within his area of control and been highly successful in developing successful partnership within those communities. Senior Sergeant Trotter has served twice in Doomadgee and whilst there actively reduced violence in the community through negotiation and excellent police work, earning the respect, not only of his local community, but also of other support workers and emergency service personnel. Senior Sergeant Trotter has been an enthusiastic mentor for junior officers and an excellent role model for those officers. He has been recognised for his commitment to the welfare of members of the Queensland Police Service, being keenly involved with the Tablelands Community Supporting Police branch.

Samantha Garrett
Detective Sergeant Samantha Garrett
Brisbane Region

Detective Sergeant Samantha Garrett has served with distinction in a range of appointment throughout her policing career. She is acknowledged for her expertise and diligence in the conduct and management of complex and sensitive investigations as well as her effectiveness in working in partnership with other government departments and community groups to achieve positive outcomes for young people. During a long and productive career Detective Sergeant Garrett has displayed commitment and skill in working with children and families in the course of her duties as an investigator in the Child Protection Investigation Unit. Her professionalism and leadership as a senior investigator have earned the respect of her peers and community members. Detective Sergeant Garrett has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment during her career with the Queensland Police Service.

Elizabeth Burns-Hutchison
Acting Senior Sergeant Elizabeth Burns-Hutchison
Southern Region

Acting Senior Sergeant Elizabeth Burns-Hutchison has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment throughout her career in the QPS, in particular to operational policing and the investigation of crime. Acting Senior Sergeant Burns-Hutchison is acknowledged for her service to the community of Queensland through her commitment to operational policing during her roles in General Duties, Juvenile Aid Bureau, Criminal Investigation Branch, Ipswich Watchhouse and Tactical Crime Squad. Acting Senior Sergeant Burns-Hutchison has made significant contributions and has sought to enhance service delivery based, among other policing priorities, on community needs and expectations. Her professionalism, expertise, and leadership have earned the respect of her peers and the support of her community.

Commissioner Stewart acknowledged the dedication of each of the APM recipients.

“These APM recipients come from varied careers but each displays the desired and exemplary attributes of a QPS officer,” said Commissioner Stewart.

“I would like to congratulate and give my own personal thanks to each of the officers and also that on behalf of the Service.”

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