National Police Remembrance Day 2014, virtual blue ribbons

Show your support, wear a blue ribbon

National Police Remembrance Day marks the day the Queensland Police Service, joins other Australian police jurisdictions to stop and honour fallen officers. The Queensland Police Service has 140 officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Arguably one of the most important days on the policing calendar, National Police Remembrance Day is a time for members of the Service and the community to remember, honour and say ‘thank you’ to the dedicated men and women who have died whilst on duty.

The ultimate symbol of police sacrifice is the blue ribbon, traditionally worn on National Police Remembrance Day as a sign of honour, respect, and remembrance.

You can show your support for officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice on Facebook and Twitter. You can wear the Virtual Blue Ribbon on your profile picture.

If you wish to show your support, you can also donate to the National Police Remembrance Day 2014 from as little as $1.00AU.


Where does the money go?

Police Legacy and Community Supporting Police. To learn more about these organisation please visit their websites:


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