Disaster declaration, Brisbane

A Disaster Declaration for Brisbane has been made at 3pm.

The areas included in this declaration are Metropolitan North and Metropolitan South Regions and affects Brisbane City and Redlands Council areas.

This declaration enables the coordination of resources and services to manage the situation.

Residents who need to evacuate from their properties are encouraged to make their own arrangements (including staying with relatives and friends).

An evacuation centre has been established at The Sleeman Sports Centre (Cnr Old Cleveland Road and Tilley Road, Chandler) and will be open from 5.30pm today. If possible people are asking to bring their own bedding, clothing, medications and non-perishable food.

The site will accommodate pets, however pets must remain restrained and under owners supervision at all times. Owners must provide own pet leads, cages, food, bowls and litter.

For assistance or further information, phone Brisbane City Council on 3403 8888 or visit Council’s website at

When you hear a flood warning
• Listen to your local radio station for severe storm advice and warnings;
• Plan to move vehicles, outdoor equipment, garbage, chemicals and poisons to higher locations;
• Plan which indoor items you will raise or empty if water threatens your home (e.g. freezers and refrigerators); and
• Check your emergency kit and safeguard your pets.

What to do if you need to evacuate
• Pack warm clothing, essential medications, valuables, personal papers, mobile phone, photos and mementos in waterproof bags to be taken with your emergency kit;
• Raise furniture, clothing and valuables on to beds, tables and into roof spaces;
• Empty freezers and refrigerators, leaving doors open;
• Turn off power, water and gas;
• Whether you leave or stay, put sandbags in the toilet bowl and over all laundry/bathroom drain holes to prevent sewage back-flow;
• Lock your home and take recommended evacuation routes for your area; and

Police remind motorists not to attempt to cross flooded roads or causeways. Do not risk your life, the lives of those in your vehicle and the lives of rescuers. Nothing is so important that you need to enter floodwaters.

Motorists are advised to carefully plan their travel, to regularly monitor the Traffic and Travel information site (details below) and allow additional travel time, incorporating travelling at lower speeds, delays and diversions.

• Bureau of Meteorology website for up to date weather information, including up-coming forecasts ;
• The Traffic and Travel information line on 13 19 40 or
• For real-time information updates check;
• Monitor local councils and local radio stations for local information and updates.

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