Crime stopping motorcycle thefts

Crime Stoppers Brisbane Central Group and City Police joined forces this week to increase community awareness and help prevent motorcycle thefts in the CBD.

After a recent spike in motorcycle thefts this month the Crime Stoppers team were on hand to help police engage motorcycle riders as they arrived to park in the city.

City Operations Leader Dan O’Connor said it was a great opportunity to let people know that a call to Crime Stoppers is worth the effort.

“We had interest in the Crime Stoppers app which lets people send photos and crime information directly from their smart phone, ” Dan O’Connor said.

Police and Crime Stoppers volunteers also gave out free disc locks to motorcyclists, the bright locks being almost unbreakable and helping deter would be thieves.

If you would like to be part of the motorcycle e-watch please let us know and you can join the mailing list.

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